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Please take a look at this example of custom Cupboards with Flush Doors at the Round House in Frinton, Essex

Bespoke curved doors formed and supplied by

Study at the The Round House, Frinton, Essex

Bespoke Flush Doors Essex 

Shelves are set into plastered surround. Flush door for cupboards at end is recessed into curved surrounding wall. Floating desk mounted on tailor-made concealed wall brackets.

Bespoke Flush Doors Essex 

Curved wardrobes, one pair of flush concave doors and one pair of flush convex doors, all set into surrounding plasterwork. LED uplighting above doors.

Bespoke Flush Doors Essex  Bespoke Flush Doors Essex  Bespoke Flush Doors Essex 

Extensive curved wardrobes. Created to incorporate a round bed into the unit, note flush concave doors above bed to incorporate pull-out reading lights and shelves for storage. Main doors are a combination of comvex and concave roughly following the curved walls of the house. LED uplighting above.

Bespoke Flush Doors Essex 

Curved bespoke furniture in main bedroom overlooking the sea. Curved plastered furniture with flush bespoke 18mm mdf doors, the curvebeing a 5200mm radius.

Bespoke Flush Doors Essex  Bespoke Flush Doors Essex 

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